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1989 - 2002

Welcome to NY Dog Training, New Jersey NJ Dog Training and Palm Beach and North Broward Florida FL Dog Training!

What's New? Madelines Kanine Kitchen will bake yummy, homemade, and healthy treats for your dog in central New Jersey! On the menu are: Liv-aaaah treats; Beef the Heat treats; Chedd-aaaah treats; Something is Fishy sardine, tuna and/or salmon treats; Apple of my Eye treats; 'Pup-kin' pumpkin treats; and more, all home made with fresh, garden-grown herbs, whole wheat flour, wheat bran, and other healthy ingredients for your canine companion. If you're a bakery and you would like me to bake-and-deliver within 10 miles of Iselin NJ call me, text me or send an e-mail 'woof' and let me know! My treats are paw-lickin' good! What's also new (well, actually for four years now) is that Madeline volunteers on the Allexperts.com Q & A Web site where she answers questions about your dogs if you read her biography first and then submit your question.

Madeline Friedman of Innovative Reality Dog Training & Dog Behaviour Consulting offers sensible, problem solving, real world dog training and dog behaviour modification. The methods I will coach you to use are designed to improve communication between you and your dog, greatly enhancing the bond between you so that your dog will respond to your cues and you will be able to enjoy each other's companionship more thoroughly. My methods have always been based in positive reinforcement reward based methods, canine psychology, and conditioning techniques designed to teach your dog to respond to your directives, encouraging appropriate dog behavior from your companion. We slowly add distractions to training, setting you and your dog up for success, and your dog learns that it is worthwhile to tune in to and focus on YOU. All this is achieved with the owner spending a very manageable amount of time each day training their dog, the time necessary to create a unique, loving, trusting foundation and bond with your dog. All my dog training and dog behavior techniques, which may include clicker training, are effective as well as humane and gentle, and you will find that you and your dog will be having fun during training as well as learning. Safety is always a consideration as your dog learns what is expected of him or her and is trained to respond appropriately to your communications, as is responsible dog ownership and equipment used correctly and in good condition. At any time, feel free to click on my Methodology page and read the FAQs, which will give you a very good understanding of the methods I use, and my philosophy about dog training.

Madeline is currently conducting research on a positive methods process of reducing or eliminating fearful and/or aggressive behavior in dogs. Research participants in Florida, in New Jersey and in New York in my service areas who agree to be recorded and videotaped and who agree to participate in the study for two years will be able to participate in this research study for a very reduced fee, which essentially covers my costs. If you're interested, please e mail me and request that I call you for an intake session, which will be recorded and/or videotaped. Please set aside 15 minutes for a phone intake when you first contact me, and one hour for an in-person intake and evaluation following if you are chosen to participate in this study. Requests for an intake conversation or meeting must be made in writing via the Aggression in Dogs contact form on this Web site before a conversation/consultation will be conducted. Please provide a cell phone and a land line where you can be reached, as well as an e mail address. Please make sure to answer all the questions in the Aggression in Dogs form. You will also be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. After I have worked with you, you will be invited to participate on a Yahoo support and discussion list with other owners and dog trainers utilizing this method. The method is completely positive and gentle, and very effective. Most of my customers who utilize my method report that they see positive results within one to four weeks, or one to four training sessions, to see positive results, which is considered a relatively short amount of time in which to see results with fearfully behaving or aggressively behaving dogs. Please see "Dog Training Reviews" to see what recent customers have reported, in their own words.

Innovative Reality Training & Behaviour Consulting is dedicated to the memory of all the dogs I have loved, and particularly to Asta, who was a terrific and extremely well mannered, well behaved dog despite how little I knew about dog training when I took him home as a pup in 1989 relative to what I know now. I suppose it was the "innate" dog trainer in me 20 years ago along with Asta's eagerness and desire to learn and perform, along with his sweet and loving nature, that made me strive to become (and continue to be) the best and most professional NJ dog trainer, NYC dog trainer, and Florida dog trainer I could be. In my ability to educate NYC dogs, NJ dogs and Palm Beach Country, Florida dogs and their owners using humane and gentle methods, Asta's shining and gentle spirit lives on and touches many lives, both human and canine.

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(646) 265-8743 (cell); 732-603-5054
Serving Dog Owners of: Manhattan Dog Training/NYC Dog Training & NJ Dog Training, Staten Island Dog Training, and Palm Beach County, Florida Dog Training

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